een plek om door te praten
voor iedereen die met hiv leeft



You are not alone

Positive Sisters

I am a positive sister. I know how scared you are to share your story with anyone. I do not know you and you do not know me personally and you do not have to know me if you do not want to, but one thing I have to tell you: you are not alone. I know exactly what you are going through and can relate with you because I have also been there. I am glad to have this opportunity to try to lift you up so that you can come to the reality of things and not to be sad and isolated. I know you are hurting and isolated but you do not have to be like that because there is hope and there is more out there, so you do not have to close yourself out from the world. It does not do you any favors and does not help you either.

You are not alone and you do need to be because there are lots of us who are in your situation, and me being one of them, I have been there. I went through the frustration, loneliness, feeling self pity, hurting, and hating myself and feeling guilty of what had happened to me. I thought that my life had come to an end but now, no longer any more. I searched for help and got it, through Shiva and have decided also to become a positive sister to help other people, who are finding it difficult and who are frightened to deal with this situation. That is why I am reaching out to you and hope it will help you to overcome your fears when you read this.

You do not have to feel alone. You have to be positive, open minded to face and accept your situation and deal with it. So my dear sister you have to wake up, open up, lift up your spirit. You can also go the website of shiva ( It will help you to realise you are not alone because there are lots of stories and experiences which might relate to your own story and show you how others have managed to walk through life with their situation. You do not have to tell your story but you can read others stories to help you out. It might be able to quench your doubts and answer your questions. Then you will realize that you are not alone, you can lead a normal happy life as before by not locking yourself out, or isolating yourself mentally in misery. It is not worth it.

I am lucky to have this chance to write you and I hope after reading it will be able to affect your life and lift your spirit. Just remember you are not alone, keep on being positive and focused, you can live as long as you are destined to live. Do not throw your life away in sorrow, isolation and misery because it is not worth it.. You have one life and you have the right to enjoy it. Be grateful for being alive and being able to get the medication. Appreciate each day as it comes, one day at a time you will see that it is worth a step further.

Just wish you the best in your journey because it is not different from mine. For me my life has turned around. Being positive has helped me to regain my confidence and happiness in life. I enjoy each day as it comes, taking my medication as required, because it is very important and you cannot do without it. Hope you are taking yours too.

I stay the positive sister who knows how you are feeling and what you are going through. You are not alone we are all out there, just reach out for help if you want to or be open minded be strong and stay positive.

I hope this will help you through your struggles and fears, hope one day you will be able to see things clearly and be relieved from your pain. Accepting and coming to terms of what happened to your life. It is worth it to take a step forward. No one can do it for you but you yourself. So do not let yourself down.

I stay thinking of you in case you want a chat then you can get in touch. If not it is still okay. As long as you are reading this at least I know it will help you through to be strong and confident relieving your pain. Let go of your fears and set yourself free from inside out. When you let go you will feel strong and confident again. When you feel low read this again because it reminds you that you are not alone. Remember that.

Greetings, I stay the positive sister.