HIV medications if no-deal Brexit 

Plusapotheken pharmacies have received a number of questions about a no-deal Brexit; will all medications remain in stock? Plusapotheken pharmacies will keep a close eye on this. Each HIV medication will remain in stock. While for some HIV medications it may be necessary to temporarily switch from the speciality medication to non-branded or generic medication.

A no-deal Brexit is where the United Kingdom leaves the European Union without any further agreements. This could happen on Saturday March 30th. When this happens, medications registered in the United Kingdom, are no longer automatically registered in the European Union.

Bruno Bruins, Minister of Medical Care and Sports, announced a few weeks ago that there are approximately 50 kinds of medication that are at risk of having problems in availability. Possibly this list will be published shortly. A few kinds of HIV medication are on this list as well. In case this is a HIV medication that you use, don’t be alarmed too much: of all HIV medications on that list generic versions are available. Non-brand medications have exactly the same active ingredient, only the tablets may look different and contain other inactive ingredients. It could also be that, instead of one combination pill, you may need to take several pills. Nobody wants this, so let’s hope a no-deal Brexit can be prevented.


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