een plek om door te praten
voor iedereen die met hiv leeft



We Are Family!

Join our training and support a woman who needs you!

Do you remember when you first heard that you are HIV-positive?
Maybe you thought that you would die soon, that you could not have children anymore, that you could never share this secret with anybody...
Did you have a friend of family member who comforted you and gave you new courage? Then you know how good it is to have someone like that. Or did you have to deal with the news all alone? Then you know how difficult that is.

You are many steps further now – while others are at the difficult beginning...
You know now that with medication it's possible to live many years in good health. That nobody can see from your looks that you are HIV-positive. That you can still become a mother. That even with HIV there is a whole life to live!
Others are now facing the fears you faced in the beginning. They have nobody to talk to, except their HIV-nurse. They feel like they are the only one.

We are Family – let's support each other!

HIV-positive women can become like a big, new family to each other. They can support each other and share courage and friendship.
Maybe you are the right person to support another woman? You could be like a sister for her: listen to her story, encourage her, share with her how you deal with your positive life.
She can trust you, because she knows you are in the same situation as she is in.

Come to the Information day and find out whether it fits to you

You will meet women who are already Positive Sisters and help other women. You will hear their experiences as volunteers. They are women like you: talented, warm-hearted, HIV-positive, with African or Caribbean background. You will get information how the training works and can find out whether you want it: become a Positive Sister and help another woman. We'll eat together and of course you can bring your children along. Your travel costs are refunded.

Date: A Saturday in January of February in Amsterdam, at ShivA.

Join the training and become a "Positive Sister" for someone who needs you!

In February the training will start. You will learn how to talk with another woman about her fears, her hopes and faith; how to encourage her; how to give her the correct information about living with HIV.
The training will consist of 3 Saturdays and a weekend. We will learn a lot, and we will definitely also have a lot of fun together! At the end of the training you will receive a certificate and you will get a volunteer-contract to support other women! Welcome!


Call or mail me? Or ask your HIV-nurse to give me your telephone number, then I will contact you. I am Inga Mielitz and I am organizing the training. I work for ShivA (Spirituality, hiv & Aids). You are warmly welcome!

Inga: 020 – 6 160 460 or 06 - 43 7787 13 or Dit e-mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spambots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bekijken.


We are Family.

Let's support each other ... like sisters!