geloof, hoop en liefde


The Holy Spirit has always been guiding me, the moment I came to the world. My father died. Being the eldest of seven children I had to help my mother. I didn’t have a childhood.

My mother taught me to keep three things in mind – she made sure to make it in gold and put in on me – faith, hope, and charity. Why did she have to put those symbols on me? I discovered it later on.

I like to help people. I’m a warrior in prayer. Just now, I’ve had this experience: I met a lady at the hospital; she asked me if I could go around the hospital helping people. I know that I need to do this work. I’m someone to show people that there is life. It doesn’t end here.

Now, my second husband is trying to let me enjoy life. He’s giving me a second chance. My childhood is starting now.