Net als heel veel mensen is onze collega Liako ook geraakt door wat er gebeurt in de beweging Black Lives Matter. Eerst had ze het gevoel dat zij er zelf niets aan deed. Daar werd ze heel verdrietig van. Toen kwam ze tot het inzicht, dat ze er elke dag mee bezig is, gewoon door wie ze is en wat ze doet. Ze heeft daarover een mooi stuk geschreven op Facebook dat we graag met jou delen. 

"So it happened that I burned myself with boiling water last night. The pain was unbearable and I had a very good cry. Though the pain was physical, the tears rolling down my eyes were very emotional. I feel like I got a chance to cry about all the overwhelming things happening in the world that leave me with empty and useless feeling. When I woke up this morning, no pain (took heavy painkillers) I felt relieved somehow and I could see things clearly.

Blacks lives matters too and what am I doing nothing about it? Hell no, I am actually all about black lives where I am and everywhere and I am doing this with white people who know that, doing all they can with thier hearts to make sure black people here have what they deserve like everyone. Therefore I am doing a lot actually. Not forgetting I have a child who is going to grow proud to be testimony that love knows no color and be proud of it. No not how she doesn’t feel at home with my poeple or her dad’s people, no confident she is part of both. She is Black and white!

Another daughter who is proud of being a black child and is not intimidated but content therefore is herself and loves everyone as they are regardless how many times she was made to feel bad about being black. The one who talks about her papa and friends get surprised papa is white and she does not understand why they act that way cos that’s her papa and she is proud of him. She sees no color

A dear husband who walked the streets of Fouriesburg where apartheid still exists hand in hand with me, who did not care how they would shut him out ( my life is with you not them, he would say). The husband who talks proudly about his daughter and people get surprised seeing on photos she is black. A man that is so supportive of what I do because He knows it’s my anointing. A man who lets me do so much for my black community ...

I am winning this racism battle my way! I see now and I intend going on this way.

Women are dying in the hands of the people they loved and trusted to protect them and I am doing nothing? Oh no, I have been chopped half dead and that’s why I decided I want to be a counselor. First I wanted to be a counselor because the person who was abusing me was also a very good person and I wanted to be a counselor for boys who grow up in situations that make them bitter and angry and emotionless before it gets out of hand. When I stayed trying to help him I became a number of abused women and I know how painful it is to be in that situation and it hurts more so I decided I am going to be a counselor for abused women and I was going to build a shelter where they can run to with thier children because the law is failing them. And then I realized I stayed also because I thought less of myself because of the things that happened to me growing up, so I wanted to be a counselor for girls who have been abused sexually and in other ways abuse by the people they trusted with thier lives.

Oh wait, it all starts in the family, at home ka lapeng. So I became a Professional Relationships and Pastoral counselor and I am dealing with all the family. I am the counselor that teaches women not to live in matlo a matle liotloana, I help them see thier worth and that of thier children and they make choices to do what they need to do. ‘ God hates divorce because it hurts us but He loves a divorced person and yes you can get married again and have a beautiful life after divorce’ I tell them when they try to make God an excuse they stay ina a marriage that’s killing them and the children physically and emotionally.

I am the one who jumps to go knock at the neighbors door if I hear a woman crying and tell my husband to call the police quickly because I know she is scared to call the police she has been told what will happen to her children or loved ones after she has been killed if she tries. Luckily God put me where the police work with me.

I may not be where I want to be with making a difference but I am doing something my own way.

The list is long. But I am grateful for my physical pain which let to my emotional tears that cleared my eyes so that I can see where I am going."