Program ShivA AIDS 2018

We are very proud to present our program for AIDS2018! In our program we offer the following activities: 

Networking Zone: 'We are family: African Migrant Women' 

ShivA has been selected by the organization of AIDS2018 to have her own networking zone during AIDS2018! It's called: 'We are family: African Migrant Women'. With our program we are focussing on all African women: in Africa and in the diaspora. However on Wednesday 25 July Positive Brothers will meet and explore the Global Village together.

Where to find us?
RAI Amsterdam, Hal 5, Stand 503, in front of the main stage.

Klick on our diverse PROGRAM and feel welcome to join us! 

A4 programma plaatje

For professionals we offer the following program:

13:30 - 15.00 Networking for peer councelling professionals Meet colleagues from Western & African Countries | Location: Global Village | Networking Zone 503

15.30 - 17.00 Workshop Positive Sisters: Successful Dutch peer-project for migrants | Location: Global Village | Youth Pavillion

17.00 - 18.30 Positive Sister Project: Meet the experts Workshop follow-up | Location: Global Village | Networking Zone 503

Workshop for professionals | Monday 23 July, the first day of AIDS2018 | Location: Global Village Youth Pavillion (15.30 – 17.00 hrs)

The Positive Sisters Project: A successful Dutch peer-project for HIV-positive migrant women with an holistic approach. Workshop on its success factors and planning your own action!

Objectives: “I will live! I take my medication! I continue with my life; HIV is not the end!” - *the three pillars of the Positive Sisters Project.

On Wednesday 25 July, we also offer a parallel session for Positive Brothers. They will meet at 13.30 hrs. and explore the Global Village together.

Location: Look for the Positive Brothers at Global Village, Networking Zone 504, next to the Positive Sisters (503). 

The Positive Sisters is a successful, unique peer project designed and managed by ShivA.