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Welcome on the website of ShivA Foundation!
We are very proud that ShivA has been selected by the organization of AIDS2018 to have her own networking zone during AIDS2018!
Our networking zone is called WE ARE FAMILY: AFRICAN MIGRANT WOMEN. With our program we are focussing on all African women. That is: on African women in Africa and in the diaspora.
For our diverse program we refer to our program overview.

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Workshop Positive Sisters:

On Monday 23 July, the first day of AIDS2018, we present a workshop in the Youth Pavillion (15.30 – 17.00 hrs):

The Positive Sisters Project: A successful Dutch peer-project for HIV-positive migrant women with an holistic approach. Workshop on its success factors and planning your own action!

Objectives: “I will live! I take my medication! I continue with my life; HIV is not the end!” - *the three pillars of the Positive Sisters Project.

Migrants face challenges with regard to HIV care and treatment due to structural, cultural and legal barriers with several negative effects. ShivA, the National Dutch expert centre for HIV & Life Questions has since 2012 effectively been supporting HIV+ migrant women from sub-Saharan African and Caribbean origin by peers known as Positive Sisters (PS). HIV+ volunteer women from these same communities are trained as PS and provide peer support. With an holistic approach, build on three pillars*, ShivA's Positive Sisters Project successfully approaches challenges which HIV+ migrants face.

In the workshop, participants will learn to work with factors that make the PS project successful: the three pillars mentioned above and the critical factors in this project: active listening and supporting to speak up, not taking over the problems and not to advise but to work on self-confidence of the migrant.

The holistic approach the project embraces, will be presented by different stakeholders (plenary, 25-30min). Participants will split up in small groups/pairs to work with the success factors of the PS project (25min). Thereafter, they will be challenged to reflect on their own, professional situation to find obstacles and supporting factors to introduce a similar project. This part will be done in an interactive way (dialogues with the PS project stakeholders) or set up, using a method such as The World Café (30min). Closure (5min).

Expected Outcomes:
Participants will gain thorough understanding of the success factors of the PS project, and able to reflect on their own work situation. In addition, participants will obtain practical knowledge on how to effectively run a similar project in their own setting.

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